Founder:  Sophie Preston

Location:  New York



All The Wears began as a creative outlet for my love of minimal style when I moved from England to New York a few years ago. However, the blog quickly became at odds with my other great love - the environment. Over the last couple of years I learnt more and more about the destructive force of fast-fashion and how it is pushing our planet's precious resources to the edge and exploiting under-developed countries along the way. Promoting the latest designer knock-offs that will be discarded in a matter of wears just didn't sit right with me anymore. 

I realised fashion blogs, and myself, were simply part of the problem. Instead of looking the other way, I decided to be part of the solution. I chose to truly embrace the values of 'minimal style' not just for the covetable aesthetic: buying less and truly choosing well, forgoing fad throwaway trends and altogether quitting the high-street. I've learnt to make better choices (and read labels), and discovered that despite the eco-hippy-tie-dye image that often comes to mind, it is possible to dress consciously and minimally without sacrificing style. My hope is that All The Wears will provide the tools and confidence for others to do the same so we can all lessen our impact on the world. 

Thank you for reading. Sophie x